AZ Film Service was born of the desire of its founder, Alessio Zazzera, to consolidate in a single corporate entity, his more than twenty years of experience in the fields of advertising film production, production services for foreign  production companies as well as specialized services for the food and tabletop sector.

A reliable partner for all of your production requirements in Italy, AZ Film Service isalso able to provide a roster of specialized directors with extensive experience in shooting, food related and tabletop commercials. To this end, it has created an ad hoc studio to satisfy the increasingly complex requirements generated in these ever-evolving fields.

Supported by an extensive list of collaborators from SFX technicians to food stylists to post-production houses, AZ Film Service has both the technical capability and the hands-on experience that are vital to efficient collaboration.


AZ Film Service seeks to be your ideal partner in the client-acquisition and pre-production phases as well by providing wide selection of locations throughout Italy in addition to networking with top casting agencies in both Milan and Rome.

Highly competitive with respect to the price-quality ratio, you will find that AZ Film Service is well-placed on the pricing grid for companies operating within Europe.

Confident that the union of our diverse production capabilities will satisfy your most challenging requirements, we encourage you to contact us for information from A to Z.

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